Freddy is synonymous with sport and passion for movement. Set up in 1976 by Carlo Freddi, it has established itself immediately as a leader in the creation of professional footwear for dance and gymnastics that evolved, throughout the years, into a complete apparel collection.

A story made up of milestones and new challenges, like a great sporting accomplishment, that led Freddy to become a benchmark not only in Fitness but in the world of Fashion too.

Freddy’s strength is expressed by its uniqueness, or its philosophy: “The Art of Movement”.


Are you looking for a pair of trousers that guarantees a perfect fit? Try the WR.UP® technology, designed to underline all women’s best shape. Thanks to the special seams, a silicone membrane and striking cuts, the WR.UP® trousers by Freddy supports and redesigns the bottom, modelling, and holding in the buttocks and thighs guaranteeing a perfect fit. Made in jersey, these trousers are available in different colors all very trendy. The fit is tight and comfortable, ideal for everyday life. Once tried on, the result will be so incredible that you will never want to turn back!


The WR.UP® technology is the result of an accurate research, certified by numerous exclusive patents, and, among others, it includes:

• a silicon strip inserted inside the belt to improve adherence to belt line

• an ultralight silicon membrane, inserted in the hip/thigh area, for a modelling effect

• an insert on the buttocks with a special anatomic and curved shape, designed especially to produce a push-up effect

• a special conformation of the crotch that, together with the materials and seams used, adheres perfectly to the line between the buttocks producing a further push-up effect


Feel gorgeous and desired. Wearing a WR.UP® means bringing up your curves in a natural way, rewarding yourself with an experience of femininity and sensuality you won’t get along without.

Colours, washes, lengths and different details to perfectly match with every personality: discover all of the WR.UP® secrets in the next section.


Launched in October 2012, in a very short time WR.UP® has become a real must-have for all those women who sensitive to the latest trends and who always want to be desired and up to the task in every situation. Today you can find WR.UP® in various cuts, colours, washes and with different inserts, designed to give you the most of sensuality: click here to discover the entire collection.


The silicone band around the waistline helps shape and sculpt your hips, while keeping the pants up and in place. The band below the buttocks, together with the special seams and the shape of the crotch, define and lift them enhancing your feminine sensuality.


The smoothing, lifting, and shaping effects are the result of the Italian research that created the WR.UP® Patented Technology. This innovative design has been conceived using high-quality stretch fabrics and silicone finishes to naturally enhance and shape the curves of every woman.


The enameled logo on the back pocket, the label on the crossed belt loops, and the brand on the inner silicone band around the waistline are only present on original WR.UP® pants. Look out for these signs when you buy them, they are our guarantee of authenticity.