Our products are created with quality, considered materials, so you’ll always feel comfortable in your skin, tops, and bottoms.

We design our products to make you feel good, and look even better. So be sure to take care of them and they’ll do the same for you.

• The right size means a flattering fit. The wrong size risks over stretching or sagging, so choose carefully

• Put your pants on like stockings; gradually roll up the legs and slip in. Never pull from the waist

• Be gentle when dressing. Open buttons and undo zippers before putting on and taking off clothes

• Belt loops are for belts, not tugging. Too much force will cause damage.

• Your clothes will go where you go; dates, brunch, and nail appointments. Be careful with your fresh mani, as sharp and rough surfaces can damage the material

• Only the FREDDY WR.UP in the Sport range with D.I.W.O technology should be worn while working out. Other pants should be reserved for espresso, martinis or netflix marathons

• Hand wash with cold water using a mild detergent.

• Avoid using fabric softener. This can ruin the wicking function in the technical fabrics

• Deodorants are harsh and can bleach fabrics, so sports gear should be washed after each wear

• The indigo dye used for this garment could bleed, as it happens for any other jeans

Whilst there’s lots of things you’ll do with your Freddy’s, here’s a few things you shouldn’t.

• Don’t leave them wet, soak, tumble dry, dry clean, bleach, iron the silicon membrane, dry in direct sunlight, lend them to your friend – you’ll never get them back.

• Read the care instructions on each product’s label carefully. Each style and material has slightly varied care instructions.